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Colocation Services

What is Colocation Service?


Having a website for your business is now common nowadays. It is one way of making your products or the services you offered being known not only in your local area but also to the whole world. And as you may know, successful websites mainly depends on how or who they will get in order to host it. Depending on the financial capacity of a business, they can avail of several options like hosting their own websites or they may avail of the hosting services being offered by numerous hosting companies out there. There is the managed hosting, wherein a company will usually host your website together with other clients. The hosting company will provide all the equipment needed which includes the hardware and the software as well as the internet connection including the man power and the maintenance needed for it. Under this method, clients may also have the option to choose from a shared hosting or a dedicated hosting. The difference between the two is very simple. As earlier stated, in managed hosting, it is the hosting company which will provide the server to its clients. The only difference is that when you will avail of a shared hosting, your website will be put in a single server together with the other clients of the hosting company. In short, all of the hosting company's clients under one server will share the space as well as the resources being provided and this will include the internet speed or the bandwidth provided. While in a dedicated server, the client will be provided with its own server including the internet speed which can vary depending on the package that will be chosen by the clients.


On the other hand, a colocation service at is very different from a managed hosting. In this arrangement, the client will be the one who will purchase the hardware as well as the software needed. However, depending on the hosting company, you will also be given the option that they will be the one who will provide the needed hardware and software or it can also depends on the package that is offered by the company for you to choose from which can include the option of having to choose your own internet service provider. What is only provided by the hosting company is the storage space for which you will need in order to setup the equipment.


In summary, what a hosting company will provide is only the assistance needed in setting it up, the storage as well as the power needed to run it. Although it may not look like it, but in this type of arrangement, there are many companies which can benefit from it. For those who are small or a middle size company, this can save you a lot of money in hosting your company as well as the salary needed for the manpower needed. In addition it will also save you some space need to put up your server and any other equipment need to run it. Read to gain more info about data centers.


The hosting companies will also assure you that your website will be running 24/7, since they will assure you that the power need is always being taken care of. Companies will have a back-up power should there be an interruption of power supply including soft wares that can detect any problem with the colocation service. By having these, you will always be assured that your website will at all times be running, making your business more successful in the end.